August 2014

Markus explains why  his Aikido training is so important to him….



I started training Aikido 3 ½ years ago and I enjoyed every single day I could train with Jarkko. There are several things that keep me hooked to it; in my daily job I have to stay focused on a single project to achieve my set goals. Aikido gives me the chance to re-­‐set my mind after a long day and learn something completely different. Due to its diversity it is very challenging, which is another things that I really appreciate; it is not easily mastered and you have to keep training to improve. It is a long journey and also demanding, but when you reach a certain level it feels great! Also, the form

which we train, which is based on Nishio Sensei, is not only focused on hands only techniques (Tachi waza), but also include the use of weapons (bokken/ken = wooden sword and Jo = wooden staff) and their corresponding techniques: ken no tebiki, Jo no tebiki, Ken tai Ken (sword against sword) and Ken tai Jo (Sword against Jo). After every session I feel tired but also energised and eager to learn more. Another aspect of our
training is Aiki Toho Iai; this Aikido-­‐based sword exercise and training, similar to Iaido (Japanese swordmanship), is ideal for me to be in a near meditative state, while at the same time being very alert and focused when I use the sword.
It is a very interesting journey so far and I am looking forward to more!