Sensei Jarkko Lapinlampi 4th Dan



Jarkko Lapinlampi, 4th Dan Aikido & 4th Dan Aikido Toho Iai





Sensei Jarkko Lapinlampis Aikido journey started from north Finland in 1980, where he joined the local aikido club Machikara. That time Scandinavia’s main teacher was Ichimura Sensei (

After several years he moved to study computer science in the University of Helsinki, and continued his training in local dojos Meidokan and Seitokai. When Ichimura Sensei moved back to Japan in 1986, Jarkko started to train under Nishio Sensei. A new club (Helsinki Aikikai) was founded for the study of Nishio Sensei’s Aikido in 1988, where he studied and taught until 2004. During those years Jarkko and his partners organised annual Nishio Sensei and Takemori Yasuhiko Sensei seminars in Helsinki.

He was also involved in the Educational committee of Finland Aikikai ( as a chairman, and was a member of the Technical committee to represent Nishio Sensei’s Aikido in Finland.

During his training he has also experienced and absorbed many other Aikido teachers in Finland, Europe and Japan, including Senseis such as: Saito Morihiro, Tamura Nobuyoshi, Kanetsuka Minoru, Kobayashi Yasuo, Asai Katsuaki, Igarashi Kazuo, Sugano Seiichi, Ueshiba Moriteru, Endo Seishiro, Christian Tissier. However Jarkkos main influence and teacher has always been Nishio Sensei , and he has accepted all his Dan grades (4th Dan in Aikido and 4th Dan in Aikido Toho Iai).

After Nishio Sensei passed away (2005) he has continued to study and get inspiration from his Japanese students, who visit Europe regularly. His group also organised Takemori Sensei’s seminar in London in 2008.

Jarkko Sensei believes in the universality in martial arts and has also trained in Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and Eishin Ryu Iaido.